About Solid.

Solid is the name freelance designer Maritsa Kissamitaki uses for her creative work for scientific and technical research.

Maritsa is an expert in Design Communication with years of experience in a wide range of fields. For over 10 years, she has been working closely with scientists and academics, helping them visualise their research through all types of mediums, examples of which are on this website.

Scientific work is comprised of many details and elements all of which are important in achieving the obtained results. Extracting the main points of a body of work while maintaining the understanding of its impact, its importance and all the intricate elements needed to realise it, is in the art of making something complicated look simple. Doing so is one of the main purposes of well thought design.

Creating Solid, is a means to bring science and design together in a platform where design helps scientists, researchers and academics communicate their work through attractive visuals that engage their audience.

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