Creating scientific and technical illustrations for your research.​

Make your research more visible and comprehensible to a broader audience.

Design communication for Science

Communicating research findings visually is becoming increasingly important to relay ideas and concepts efficiently and engage your audience while widening the impact of your work.

Well designed graphics, illustrations and figures help the objectives and results of your work be better understood. Figures and visual abstracts help journal editors and peers when reviewing papers and funders when reviewing proposals. Online, they help a wider audience understand the relevance of your work.

Solid aims to help do exactly that: to communicate your work through well thought and straight to the point design.


Work with a team of people with experience producing high quality scientific illustrations for journals encompassing the fields of Nanotechnology, Chemistry, Physics, Materials Science and Energy.​

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Produce illustrations for covers that are
tailored to showcase your research

The Journal of Physical Chemustry Cover

Front Cover The Journal Of Physical Chemistry  July 29, 2021 Volume 125, Issue 29 Pages 15759-16368

How does it work?



Fill in the contact form with details about what you need. State your field of research and include anything you feel relevant, such as a sketch with your idea, links and your deadline.



After reviewing your request, we will get back to you with an estimated timeframe to complete the work and a quote. If we need any further clarification we will also let you know.



We will prepare a design based on the material you have provided. Your feedback on this draft will help make sure the design is communicating the message you want it to.

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We can help you with:

Examples of our work


Produce flowcharts with illustrations that explain the workflow of your research.

Visual flowchart depicting energy infrastructure and forecasting models for demand

Graphical Abstracts​

Capture wholistically the concept of your research in one image.

Timelines and process diagrams

Create timelines illustrating the progress of your work, for seminars, conferences or teaching.

Example of a figure employed in a talk to Lockheed Martin.


Promote your work through eye-catching brochures, leaflets or reports.

Leaflet presenting the core work of the Naumov Research Group, at New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD).

Make your research more accessible.

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